Unwittingly The Die Is Cast

Unwittingly The Die Is Cast

Unwittingly The Die Is Cast poem occurred to me in the shower as I was getting ready to spend the day with my wife on a warm afternoon.  The temperature outside approached six degrees Celsius on the centigrade scale.  We were eager to get some sunshine and welcomed warmer temperatures here in the south of Sweden.

The image representing Unwittingly The Die Is Cast preceded the poem.  The original animated heart containing sixty frames was designed for the poem but the frames were merged to create a single image due reduce bandwidth.

Unwittingly The Die Is Cast poem probably best fits the category of fantasy poetry and is completely fictitious spawned entirely from imagination.  The poem is self-explanatory and does not need further explanation.  Feel free to ask questions or add comments about this poem or animated heart.

Unwittingly The Die Is Cast – Poem

Unwittingly the die is cast
affecting future from the past.
It falls apart without a trace
what was once love has left this place.

So rapidly it comes apart
as vapid space invades the heart.
The vacuum soon will be no more
rejecting what it cannot store.

Since emptiness cannot remain
what then was lost it will regain.
Dark broken thoughts will soon depart
as when love happened at the start.

But still the mind cannot replace
what memories try to erase
affecting present with the past
and stopping that which must not last.

Though memories may convolute
and seem to be what they are not
my stand will be most resolute
accepting that which love forgot.


Final Thoughts

In retrospect, I realize that it would have been written a little differently if there was time to scratch it onto my board with the remaining yellow chalk.  The last post entitled ‘Today I Was Not Visible‘ was changed in five different areas with the tiny piece of blue chalk I had left just before publishing.

Unwittingly The Die Is Cast

The original version of the poem was published in the eBook and paperback versions of Loquacious Lair Of Poetry.

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