Illusory Realm Vagaries Sequel

 Illusory Realm Vagaries Sequel

Illusory Realm Vagaries Sequel contains the original poem and the sequel.  The first poem describes an individual struggling to escape from an illusory prison in the illusory realm.  Time travel caused a shift in the space-time continuum producing undesirable effects.

Unpropitious forces were seeking to absorb the soul of the unfortunate traveler. The victim speculated the possibility of escape by traveling back in time. He unfortunately no longer had access to appropriate equipment that could make it a reality.

We do not know if he ever escaped. I lost all contact due to some type of illusory realm spectral interference anomaly. The individual would have erased all events described if his mission was successful.  History will record a record of events.

I merged the Illusory Realm Vagaries animated heart designed for the poem to a single frame creating a static image.

Illusory Realm Vagaries – Poem

Am I now destined to remain
in this cold realm that binds me here?
Can I not flee this dark domain
or make reality appear?

Strange illusory vagaries
distort my thoughts and crowd my mind.
Foul evil spreads her vile disease
scorching my eyes to make me blind.

This lurid illusory realm
attempts to now extract my soul.
I cannot let it overwhelm
or lose my mind to its control.

Must I now travel back in time
to change the timeline that exists?
Can I expunge this paradigm
to shake delusions that persist?

I must not let time seal my fate
and keep me here to die this way
but travel to a former date
and put an end to my dismay.



Illusory Realm Vagaries Sequel

Illusory Realm Vagaries Sequel – Part 2

The author wrote a sequel to finish the story.

These illusory vagaries are altered now as time does shift is an illusory realm poem that tells the second part of the story entitled Illusory Realm Vagaries.
The first poem described a person trapped in a most unfortunate illusory realm that seemed impossible to escape except by traveling back in time to change the future.

These Illusory Vagaries Are Altered Now As Time Does Shift – Poem

I now pull back the hands of time
to alter history at last.
It will affect this paradigm
changing the future and the past.

My former life I will erase
removing all that caused much pain.
A rift in time will change this place.
I will not live this past again.

These illusory vagaries
are altered now as time does shift.
I see life change in small degrees
as memories begin to drift.

What are these things I now do see?
There is not anything the same.
Who I am is a mystery.
I start anew without a name.

It is not known who I am now.
I am without identity.
All that I know is gone somehow.
I do not have a history.


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