I Realize My Time Draws Nigh

I Realize My Time Draws Nigh

I realize my time draws nigh was put together from fragments contained on three different cloud notes.

Accepting life as it is may be easier knowing you always made the best decisions possible. Being human is most likely the biggest reason that excludes us from that reality.
Regrets about past actions in life serve no good purpose when there isn’t chance to regain your youth and do it over again.  It is pointless to suppose what could have been at sixteen when you reach the ripe age of sixty.

The animated heart representing the poem I Realize My Time Draws Nigh originally contained sixty frames which were merged to create a single static image.

I Realize My Time Draws Nigh – poem

I realize my time draws nigh
dwelling on memories amassed.
I can’t bring back although I try
the chances I should not have passed.

Deep down I know it is too late
to buy them back at any cost.
I shaped my life with love and hate.
My youth gone now forever lost.

Shadows of thought play then rewind
to show me that no bridge was crossed.
I dredge my past to only find
Recurring dreams my mind accost.

Daybreak has broken forth its light
revealing eyes without a face.
A cloudy lens impairs my sight
but still my life it can retrace.

At noon I see how much is gone
and wonder why I did not try.
Now with disdain, I tarry on
without a rhyme or reason why.


Final Thoughts

Mentally playing movies of the past can negatively impact our lives and sometimes seem impossible to stop.  Breaking the tape and refusing to jump on the train is usually the best approach and gets easier every time fleeting thoughts arise.

This poem probably best fits the category of sad poetry.  Don’t dwell on things that you can’t change.  Accepting life no matter what has transpired is probably the best approach when dealing with past memories.

I Realize My Time Draws Nigh

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